The Automotive Consumer Action Program (AUTOCAP) is sponsored by the South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association according to NADA’s National AUTOCAP Standards.  AUTOCAP is a third party mediation program designed to improve dealer/customer relations by reviewing and mediating automobile disputes involving participating franchised new car and truck Dealers.

AUTOCAP works to resolve automotive disputes in two ways.  First, AUTOCAP will attempt to settle the dispute through informal mediation between the Dealer and consumer.  If this is unsuccessful, disputes are mediated by an impartial panel consisting of consumer and Dealer representatives. The panel will base their decision on the documentation submitted by both parties. This decision of the panel is binding on the Dealer, but not the consumer. If a Dealer chooses not to abide by this decision, they can no longer participate in the AUTOCAP program.  A majority of cases are handled at the AUTOCAP staff level. Few require review by the consumer/Dealer panel.

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