SCADA represents new car and truck franchised Dealers across the state of South Carolina and advocates on behalf of its members in public policy, regulatory issues and economic developments impacting the automotive industry. SCADA works to forge meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships between auto dealers and their local, state and federal representatives. 

SCADA has more than 270 dealer members who represent more than 90% of the new vehicles sold in South Carolina and is one of the most respected trade associations in the state. SCADA provides a strong lobbying voice for dealers and offers business forms, information industry publications, and educational webinars and seminars. SCADA Insurance Services, a fully licensed insurance agency, also offers dealers comprehensive employee benefits plans, workers

compensation, surety bonds, and supplemental benefits, complete with a highly-rated personalized enrollment process.

Thanks to the support of its Board and its members, many of SCADA’s goals have been achieved. SCADA continues to grow and establish itself as a strong, effective and proactive organization representing the interests of dealers. SCADA continues to ensure the prosperity of its Dealer Members in today’s dynamic and ultra-competitive business environment.

SCADA also provides a wide range of publications, educational opportunities, networking and business improvement services to its Dealer Members to help them excel in a dynamic and ultra-competitive business environment.


SCADA started in 1937 and celebrated the 80th Anniversary in 2017.
Original members were Charles Vogell, R.W. Peeke, Wyche Dickert, T.E. Davis, H.W. Pearce, Ernest Burwell, E.B. Smith, Frank B. Breeland, Charles F. Johnson, Louis Rogers and O.L. Bensinger.

The Association has had four Executive Vice Presidents over the last seventy-five years:

Ella Ford, 1955-1963

Roger White, 1963-1976

Patrick E. Watson, 1976-2012

E. Sims Floyd, Jr., 2012-Present



  • 281 franchised new car Dealers in South Carolina are members of SCADA
  • $14.16 Billion in total sales
  • 33,288 total jobs in South Carolina attributable to franchised new vehicle dealerships, of which 17,388 jobs are located at new car dealerships
  • $3.87 Billion payroll and an average of 63 jobs per new vehicle dealership

Automobile and Truck Dealers…

  • Are independent businesses, not manufacturer-owned stores; the vast majority are local, family-owned businesses that have been in their communities for generations
  • Invest millions of dollars in land, facilities, and parts and service equipment to sell and service vehicles
  • Generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues for state and local government and provide nearly 15% of all retail spending in the U.S.