On September 1, 2000, SCADA established the Dealer-owned SCADA Insurance Agency as a means to provide quality supplemental employee benefits at competitive group rates. Using our membership purchasing power, we have negotiated plans with major insurance carriers to provide insurance products that meet the various needs of our members and their employees.

Section 125 Plan Assistance
This provides necessary documents to:

  • Establish and maintain your plan
  • Explain the plan to your employees
  • Review benefit choices with employees and assist them in enrolling
  • Assist employees in completing election forms
  • Provide your payroll office with correct enrollment information
  • Assist with annual report filings

Voluntary Group Dental Plan
We offer two plans with various benefit options through Guardian - the #1 dental carrier in the country.  One of our plans is sure to meet your needs. 

Voluntary Group Disability Insurance
For most people, even a temporary disability can cause financial hardship. Even if an employee has substantial savings, he or she may be concerned about losing income for a year or more, perhaps even permanently. Our disability plan helps protect employees against these risks, conveniently and affordably, through payroll deduction. 

Voluntary Life Insurance
When a family wage earner dies prematurely, the dependents no longer have that person's income. Life insurance can be used to provide funds necessary to continue to maintain a comfortable standard of living. 

Voluntary Cancer Insurance
Cancer insurance provides benefits for expenses due to cancer treatments. Benefits are paid directly to the insured to be used as the insured sees fit. 

Voluntary Critical Illness Insurance
Critical illness insurance provides a lump sum benefit when a person is diagnosed with kidney failure, stroke, heart attack, life threatening cancer or is in need of a major organ transplant. 

Voluntary Accident Plan
Our accident plan insurance provides benefits due to accidental injuries which are paid directly to the insured to use as the insured sees fit. 

Voluntary Vision Plan
We offer two plans that help defray the cost of eye exams, glasses and contacts.